Feature Art!!Sachi new original art "Consider the end of sleep"/English ver.

Hello everyone. I am Japanese artist Sachi.

Thank you very much for your support.

I will write a description of my new artwork "Consider the end of sleep".
The reason I paint is to explore new dimensions for myself.
I paint to create new world discoveries in this material world.
Therefore, I want to value the ideas and philosophies that are contained in artwork.

It's a long post, but hopefully you'll read it all the way through.


"Consider the end of sleep"

 1. Where does consciousness reside when we are asleep?

Do you dream?
Are these dreams of your own volition?

If the dream exists in the unconscious.
The consciousness of the sleeper does not exist anywhere.

If you are asleep,
there is no way to ascertain your consciousness.

In other words,
the existence of consciousness cannot be proven
while a person is asleep.

However, life continues even while we are asleep.
We exist in this world
even if we cannot confirm our consciousness in sleep.

Where does consciousness reside when we are asleep?


2. If consciousness had no mass, it would be able to travel through space-time.

Humans continue their vital activities even after they fall asleep.
Consciousness just cannot be confirmed.

There are numerous things in this world that humans cannot perceive.

When using modern chemistry to think about this, quantum mechanics is a good place to start.

If a human confirms the existence of a quantum, it loses its properties as a wave.
While the human captures the quantum, it is immobile.

When humans stop observing, the quantum starts moving.
It moves so freely. We don't know where it resides.
Consciousness seems to have the same properties as quantum.

Consciousness without mass.
No wonder it has the same properties as quantum.

While we are asleep, no one can capture our consciousness.
We don't know where it exists, like a quantum.
It can exist anywhere. True freedom.


3. Why does consciousness transcend space-time?

Consciousness without mass.
Therefore, it has the potential to move through various dimensions beyond space-time.

Why does consciousness leave this material world?
I think.
Perhaps our consciousness is based in another dimension.

For consciousness, this material world is an unknown world.
Consciousness without mass does not perceive.
For consciousness, the material stimuli that the body receives would be strong and seductive
Consciousness may be visiting the material world for a journey.

However, the material world is not their  home base.
Therefore, they consume a lot of energy to exist in this world.

They also return to their home base and record what they experience in the material world.
They then reshape their unconscious system to have new experiences in the material world.

So, if you compare yourself before you go to sleep and after you wake up, there is an unconscious change taking place.

And that leads to changes in the physical body.

In this way, humans are constantly changing their bodies and having new experiences.
To search and create the unknown.

Consciousness is an adventurer exploring a new world.


"Consider the end of sleep" work page is here


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