Interviews with Japanese artists Sachi and Edvard are now available!

Interview with Sachi artist by Interviewer Edvard Vondra in Tokyo, Japan.


東京にてInterviewerのEdvard VondraによるSachiアーティストインタビューが収録されました。

↑Artist Interview/YouTube

In this interview, we talked about my thoughts and philosophy on the world and art, message to people, and art works in a conversational style.

Translator Ren helped us to convey Sachi's message to people all over the world! (Thank you very much for your generous support, Ren!)

Due to the massiveness of the philosophy and passion that Sachi wishes to convey, the language was a little difficult to keep up with in this interview video. Instead, I took a passionate approach from an area other than language.

Thanks to Edvard and Ren's help, we were able to create an interview video that conveys the passion of the artists.
We hope you all enjoy it to the end!


 【Interviewer】Edvard Vondra




Thank you very much Edvard for giving me the opportunity to interview you!!!
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