The joint exhibition of Sachi and Japanese Artists / New watercolor Kawaii ART Exhibit

The joint exhibition of Sachi / Japanese watercolor Kawaii ART.

Hello everyone, I'm  artist Sachi.
Thank you so much for all your support!

My direction as an artist changed in the middle of last year.
My fans who have supported me for a long time will know.
My artistic activities were always changing.
But it was not because I was looking for change.
I sensed something "important" and somewhere in my mind I seemed to be searching for its identity.

Finally, I got to that "important thing" and understood it.
It is difficult to express in words because it is very complicated.
So I also understood that I need my whole life to convey the "important thing" to you.

The upper and lower realms connected and a core came through me.
"If the mind and body are separated from this core, everything is torn apart."

This is expressed in Buddhist terms as [覚悟].

These words are a promise to me and to the world.


Good words.

My predecessors taught me to feel the sword inserted into my mind and body.

I am extremely grateful.
I feel that life is interesting because we live it in earnest.


I will create a place for you to enjoy my seriousness.
Please continue to taste and enjoy the artist Sachi!!

I had intended to make an announcement about the exhibition, but it turned out to be a very long story. Sorry, haha!!


The joint exhibition of Sachi and Japanese Artists

【Dates】 March 27 [Mon.] - April 1 [Sat.], 2023

【Gallery】Ningyocho visions

【Access】1F, 2-2-9A Nihombashihoridomecho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 103-0012, Japan
《5 minute walk from Ningyocho Station, Exit A4 or A5》

Opens at 15:00 on the March 27
Closes at 17:00 on the April 1

A small concert by a cellist will be held on the first day at 18:00.
Please enjoy the resonance of music in a place surrounded by art works.

【Sachi will be in the gallery】
March 27 [Mon.] 17:00-19:00
April 1  [Sat.] 15:00-17:00

※ Three new artworks will be exhibited ※
※ Artwork for sale only when Sachi is in the gallery ※


The joint exhibition of Sachi and Japanese Artists.
Sachi will be at the gallery on the first and last day.
If you would like to talk with Sachi directly, please come to the gallery on the days.
On the other days, you can enjoy Sachi art works.
May you enjoy many of Sachi's emotions.

I look forward to meeting you!!

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