Cezanne’s Perception-English

【Cezanne's Perception】セザンヌは知覚で世界の全てを知りたかったのだろう。Cezanne’s Perception

He moved away from the art world fad of Impressionism.
This is probably because he decided that the truth he sought could not be found by pursuing impressionism alone.

He wanted to capture the truth of nature through perception. He wanted to express it.
Information that can be captured visually in the form of form, and information that cannot be captured visually in the form of heat.
They are so intricately intertwined that they are very difficult to understand.

Heat is a change of state and is related to time.
In other words, the state of an object changes as time progresses.
It is a phenomenon that is always occurring, and it is very difficult to output it into the two-dimensional world of painting.
I think it was the impressionists who challenged that.
Heat was expressed by light.

Apart from that, there is always universal beauty.
Beauty is based on the laws of nature. It is called the cosmic laws.
The colors of the sky keep changing magically and vividly.
The light of the sun that forms the contrast between black and white between the trees.
The bottom of the deep sea, like a dream, which seems to be visible but is not.

Much of nature is formed according to the laws of the universe.
People are somehow moved by that regularity.
Humans are probably programmed that way.
And I think that is ” true form”.

Cézanne wanted to perceive everything in the world through perception.
He also wanted to express and communicate.

I identify so much with his figure.
I guess that’s why I get into his paintings.

How I fell in love with Cezanne

【Cezanne's Perception】セザンヌは知覚で世界の全てを知りたかったのだろう。It appears to be an ordinary landscape painting.
However, we can see his understanding and interpretation of the world through this work.
When you see the actual work in front of you, you can feel the wind.

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