Charity auction for Typhoon Hagibis!!


Charity auction for Typhoon Hagibis!!

Yesterday’s Typhoon Hagibis caused great damage to Japan.
I want to help people who were victims.
But I only have the ability to draw.
So I decided to sell my paintings and raise the proceeds.
If you like my work, I want you to participate in the auction.

About the auction

“yahoo auction”

This auction can be entered from any country.
There are 2 works to sell.

・ The auction period is from “October 13, 2019” to “October 20, 2019”.
・ Auction starts from 1 yen.
50% of sales proceeds will be used for victims.
・The shipping cost will be borne by the artist Sachi.
・ Support money is paid to the following site.
・ After support, I will report support on my site.

I expect you to participate☆

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