Sachi’s thoughts on ideas and Eros. It is the true form and happiness that human beings aim for.

Sachi art project New Philosophy

I will be your eros and take you to the idea.

“Eros makes people happy”

An idea that is infinite and perfect.
Imperfect and limited humans have a longing for ideas.
Human beings aim for the idea that is the true world by the growth of the soul.
Aiming for an idea is love. And that love is called Eros.

“Fall in love and get closer to the idea”

And we can feel Eros close to us.
It is to fall in love.
In particular, people feel eros in a state where their feelings of love and longing are unilaterally strong.
A loved one will heal your heart and become an absolute existence.
Your loved one will be the center of your world.
Its existence becomes like a god.

When this happens, one can approach the idea.
This love is Eros.

Sachi art project New Philosophy

“Growth of the soul by Eros”

Humans can feel happy by growing their souls to become perfect beings.
Eros allows most people to experience soul growth.
Because Eros is the love for the idea of ​​the true world.

“Modern Japan that divides the freedom to fall in love”

With the capitalist society, life in Japan has become richer.
However, romance became monogamous and there was no freedom.
Love is an emotion. It is nonsense to suppress emotions by rules.
Love is free.

Everyone must have the love of Eros.
Eros allows people to grow and feel happy.

Sachi art project New Philosophy

“Art is necessary for a crippled society”

I will provide Eros with art to this Japanese society that has become inconvenient in love.
Art can rebel against society and express one’s thoughts.
Viewers can also enjoy the rebellion through art.

There are people who have lovers, people who are married, young people, old people, people of different nationalities, and many others.
Anyone can enjoy Eros in the world of art that I offer.
Art is a free and beautiful world.

“The true Eros is in the imaginary world”

Ideas do not exist in this real world.
Therefore, you need to move away from this real world to get closer to the idea.
However, human beings born on the earth cannot continue to exist in the real world without a physical body.
So use the power of imagination to move away from the real world.
Anyone can imagine. By imagining, you can expand the world infinitely away from the body.
By imagining through Eros, you can get closer to the idea you are looking for.

Sachi art project New Philosophy

Art provides an opportunity for you to find happiness”

Work, marriage, childbirth, money.Is your life complicated and you are troubled by information and influences from your surroundings?
Isn’t your desire amplified by the information given a lot?
Are you far from the happiness you really want?
Humans lose sight of true happiness when they are trapped in the desires in front of them.

I want to connect such people with ideas with the power of art. I want to be the eros of people.
If people can grow their souls through Eros, they will become mentally independent.
Then people will shine and society will evolve further.

The core of Sachi’s art

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Sachi art project New Philosophy

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