Humans are able to exist on earth through the coexistence of spirit and physical body.
The spirit always thirsts for the unknown and seeks great impulses.
Very curious and loves adventure.
In contrast, the physical body seeks regularity and stability.
This is because the physical body, which is matter, can be destroyed by a violent impact.

Very different qualities exist in the same person, like the relationship between a man and a woman.
It can be much conflict and suffering.
However, the two need each other.

The spirit receives new information through the perceptions felt by the physical body. It can then explore the unknown.
The physical body changes in thought content and behavior as the spirit improves. Thus, it is possible to create the real world in a space that is comfortable for oneself.
People can make their own lives richer and happier by utilizing these two rather than being driven by them.
If the spirit and physical body can be kept turning like gears, human beings can constantly find new dimensions to enjoy and move forward in life.

This first requires the ability to perceive events in reality and to observe them from
many perspectives.

My art presents you more perspectives.
The world viewed as thermal energy.
The world from a quantum point of view.
The  world felt through animal instincts.
The world expressing the unknown possibilities of nature
I always take multiple perspectives on a single thing.
Different perspectives change the rules and dimensions of the world.
Thus, more dimensions can be enjoyed.
Can take into myself the many dimensions that exist in the world.

The dimensions thus taken in are digested in me and transformed into art.

I trust that you will journey into unknown dimensions with my art, which incorporates many dimensions.


    I have always drawn pictures since I was a little.
    loved Japanese anime and drew many pictures of girls in anime.
    I especially loved girls with beautiful leg lines.

    My father and mother love music and are conductors and players in a local brass band.
    The concert hall was filled with paintings and sculptures, and since childhood I have unconsciously gazed at the artwork and made observations.
    When my parents played music, I enjoyed imagining the story of the music.

    When I was a student, I was often involved in bullying. Sometimes I was bullied myself.
    I could not understand why people could not tolerate people with different values than their own.
    But I felt that humans are such creatures.
    My time for painting was dwindling.

    When I was in high school, an art teacher saw some sketches I had done in class and sensed something in them, so he began tutoring me.
    At that moment, something that had been sleeping inside me awakened.
    On the advice of my teacher, I entered a painting competition and won second prize. My heart was soaring. Painting became fun again.

    As I created art, I began to sign contracts with galleries and exhibit at art fairs outside of Japan.
    Galleries began asking me to produce "art for sale".
    I began to think only about how to create art that would sell.
    "How boring."
    I had come to hate art and painting. And I stopped painting.

    From then on, my physical body existed, but my spirit was gone.

    While this situation continued, I received a commission from a friend for a painting.
    I had not painted for many years and was afraid to paint. Nevertheless, I decided to paint for a friend.
    My painting with dulled skills. Still, my friend who received it was happy with a smile.
    "Ah, here it is."
    Then I finally realized.

    I need to paint in order to live as me.

  • Career

    ・”Art Competition in Sydney 2010 by Japanese Artists”(Tom Dunne Gallery in Sydney) / 2010
    ・Exhibition “Group cologne Japan”(TKW in Koeln) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “ART SANTA FE”(Santa Fe Convention Center in Santa Fe) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “ART TAIPEI 2010″(Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “The Sydney Affordable Art Fair”(Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “SALON ART SHOPPING”(Carrousel du Louvre in Paris) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “RED DOT NEW YORK”(82Mercer in New York) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “Seoul Open Art Fair” (COEX in Seoul) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “Art-Zen”(Basel in Schweiz) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “ART SANTA FE”(Santa Fe Convention Center in Santa Fe) / 2011
    ・Fusion Art“2nd Watercolor Art Exhibition” / 2021
    ・Fusion Art“5th Annual Black & White Art Exhibition” / 2021
    ・Exhibition “SynchroArt Ginza” / 2021
    ・Solo exhibition “Energy terrace SunnyGo!”(Tokyo in Japan) / 2021
    ・DESIGN FESTA vol.54 / 2021
    ・Planning and management of “CryptoNinja art competition” / 2021
    ・DESIGN FESTA vol.55 / 2022