Thought and Philosophy

  • The vibration of the deep sea. The deep and grand affection held by mother.
    The golden ray. The strong and noble thoughts held by father.
    The gentle and warm hearts of my brothers.
    The lovely and pure feelings of my brothers.

    The music they created is the root of all existence.
    Birth is the movement of awakening.
    Death is the movement of sleep.

    Its music without sound plays eternity.
    From the beginning of everything to the present and into the future, the presence of that big melody is universal.

    The butterfly knows the way to that orb where photons cannot reach.

    Come on, let's feel the soundless music they play together.
    My art is inhabited by birds that sing its music.
    Their singing voice are a variety of colors and strong lines that make up the melody of their songs.


    When did I become me?
    Who am I that sees the outside world?

    From an early age my senses and thoughts did not match.
    Everything in the outside world was distorted.

    Each time something was captured visually, the captured object changed shape and color.
    Every being I see instantly changes form.
    I could not understand what was real.

    The information being handled in the world is a source of confusion for people today.
    Information has a great impact on human consciousness. I was very distressed.
    I contained all that I was sensing.
    I thought surely I must be wrong and unconsciously brainwashed myself.

    Then I met my teacher.
    He told me that I was lying to myself.
    He was sincere with me.
    He helped me to make sure I was not going in the wrong direction.
    How grateful I am.

    In today's human society, there are so many who treat information in a selfish manner.
    They are all people who say and do things to others with their own gain in mind first.

    In the midst of all this, he sincerely cared about my awakening and growth regardless of his own gain.
    I was inspired by him. And I was able to awaken.
    My encounter with him is a very precious and valuable part of the life I have led.
    I always feel grateful for his presence.

    A sincere heart gives confidence and courage to others.
    This has a very positive effect on vitality and activity.
    That is why I work to convey its importance to contemporary human society and to change people's values.

  • Career

    ・”Art Competition in Sydney 2010 by Japanese Artists”(Tom Dunne Gallery in Sydney) / 2010
    ・Exhibition “Group cologne Japan”(TKW in Koeln) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “ART SANTA FE”(Santa Fe Convention Center in Santa Fe) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “ART TAIPEI 2010″(Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “The Sydney Affordable Art Fair”(Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “SALON ART SHOPPING”(Carrousel du Louvre in Paris) / 2010
    ・Art Fair “RED DOT NEW YORK”(82Mercer in New York) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “Seoul Open Art Fair” (COEX in Seoul) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “Art-Zen”(Basel in Schweiz) / 2011
    ・Art Fair “ART SANTA FE”(Santa Fe Convention Center in Santa Fe) / 2011
    ・Fusion Art“2nd Watercolor Art Exhibition” / 2021
    ・Fusion Art“5th Annual Black & White Art Exhibition” / 2021
    ・Exhibition “SynchroArt Ginza” / 2021
    ・Solo exhibition “Energy terrace SunnyGo!”(Tokyo in Japan) / 2021
    ・DESIGN FESTA vol.54 / 2021
    ・Planning and management of “CryptoNinja art competition” / 2021
    ・DESIGN FESTA vol.55 / 2022

    ・Exhibition at Ningyocho visions gallery (Tokyo in Japan) / 2023