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The definition of beauty.

What is the definition of beauty?
Color? Shape? Or the combination of both two?
No. It's your liking.

If the information generated by photon can be divided in beauty or ugliness by your liking, it should be the definition of beauty, and exists in vast quantities in the world.
Because of this, artwork has both beauty and ugliness.

We can capture just only one of the vast quantities.
Sometime, it catchs your heart.
For me, this artwork is the one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review of your definition of beauty! I am honored that you found my art amongst the plethora of art out there. I will keep running so that my photons will shine in your heart forever.

What is the hidden message on the artwork?

We, human being, treat an animal as some kind of symbols. Bird as freedom, snake as male.
We can interpret this artwork as a one about the woman in hope of the leaving from a jealous man.

Sometime, one animal has some symbols. Because of the plenty imaginable combination of symbols, it's difficult for us to interpret the right message, and more different to interpret the hidden message.

Some animals enter in a myth or old tale as messanger of god.
Bird introduces words from the heaven to us. Snake gives a wisdom to us.
But god doesn't show the figure at all ...

Animals which we can surely recognize, or god that we can just y image.
Which existence must we respect and fear?
The reason why huuman being prohibit the idolatry may be the consideration toward animals.

Thanks so much for another great review, kamogawa!
Birds are in a very special and unique position when considered in the evolutionary flow of life. People have always admired birds. I am no different. Snakes are very mysterious and beautiful. That is why it is terrifying. The snake will not let us go. I feel I must choose to fight instead of run away.
What does God look like in your mind, Kamogawa? I am very curious.

Another main artwork of the artist ’s first private exhibition

The girl with the key meets the girl without the key.
The girl without the key meets the girl with the key.
The one who open the lock, and the one who wait for the unlock. The encounter is inevitable.

This artwork was drawed after the artist finished drawing all artworks for the artist’s first private exhibition.
As something orders the artist, the artist completed the artwork in very short time.
This may be a result that the artwork itself strongly wishes the own birth to meet the artist.
The figure is very beautiful and splendid!!

Thank you so much for your deep insight into my artwork! What am I waiting for? What are people looking for? Now I know. I was looking for my true self. Your ability to sense truths that I didn't even know was possible is amazing.

One main artwork of the artist’s first private exhibition

We can never touch the scenery reflected in the surface of the water. That’s what everyone know.
So, the surface of the water is what we call the strongest wall in the world. But who know it?

The artist drawed the characters diagonally to make us be able to display the artwork in the favorite direction.
But the act reveals the inside of the person.
Another oneself is inside us. It sometime exposes itself to us.

Thanks so much for posting this beautiful review, Kamogawa!! Water is essential for life. And human culture is greatly influenced by water. Water represents human emotions. Water is a mysterious substance that has the power to connect and separate people.

The key visual artwork of the artist ’s first private exhibition

The creator can’t divide one soul into two equal parts.
Soul is something like jigsaw puzzle.
The creator can just divide one soul into two same number pieces.

This is the next artwork of "You and me"s.
On this artwork, the artist drawed the encounter of the fate for the girls.
We sometime can feel something important in a encounter with a person.
We can’t soon notice it, but will soon be able to do it.

Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback, Kamogawa! Your view of the world is very mysterious. I feel that it has the power to move people.

Owner's Instagram: @gobubu_jomodori



You and me2
T. Kamogawa
Not a KAWAII artwork, but a challenging artwork to ask a new question about the concept of "Soul"

What is the existence?
What is the soul?
Same time, different world. Something draws "you and me" near themselves.

Since when does the soul exist?
Soul is the highest concept?
Is there the concept higher than soul?

On this series, the artist updated het style to draw. She has begun to use cosmetic for her artworks, and still upgraded it.

Thank you so much for doing this review, KAMOGAWA!
What was it that these women sought from each other?
What they found in each other's presence, what they were looking for.
Their joy and salvation when they found it. I trust that this message has been conveyed to you.

You and me
T. Kamogawa
The beginning artwork to challenge the eternal theme of philosophy "Soul"

What is the existence?
What is the soul?
Same time, different world. Something draws "you and me" near themselves.

One existence has just only one soul?
One colonia has some souls?
The fragment separated from a existence is totally different existence from the origin?

Series artwork is not a one with a same theme. The existence is completed only after collecting some of them.

Thank you so much for doing this review, KAMOGAWA!!!
I am touched by your deep insight into the message I have included.
The mysterious existence of 'soul' I always think about. It certainly exists. It surely connects me to you and the world.

Where it all began

I saw this picture in a gallery after I bought two of Sachi's artworks. The fact that this is one of Sachi's early works does not take away any of its creativity. The monochrome art with its symmetric composition is an art of cratmanship.
It is a privilege to own this drawing. Every time I see a new work from Sachi, this painting tells me the journey she had come.

Thank you so much for purchasing of my early works, Ren! I am so glad that you have welcomed it into your home. I am honored to be a part of your life.

Innocense and Lust

An art where innocense and lust lies next to each other. The character in this picutre shows pure interest to human lust. You surly cannot resit her through those eyes. The background of this picture adds more reality to this picture.
I bought this painting during Sachi's solo exhibition alongside with "You are looking". I like the contrast between these two picture, where the two in the painting have opposite characteristics.

I still remember the day you came to my exhibition. I was very happy that you listened intently to my explanation of my work. You were very curious and immediately came to enjoy my world. I am very glad. I promise to continue to show you new worlds through art.

What is the your own words of the revival?

One of the initial artworks.
The model is a character of a famous retro RPG game in the world.

The artist has long gap of her artistic activities. But, an opportunity made her be resumed.
The father is a nice young guy, not old man, and personified as the words of the revival just only for her.
The artworks in this age have no color. But the artist soon got back colors for her artworks. Or, the father gave them to her again.

WOW!!! What a poetic review! Thanks so much Kamogawa!!!
It reminds me of my past.
With the support of you and many others, I am moving forward now.
So in return I will take you all to a new world.

Angel bath time
Owner's Instagram: @gobubu_jomodori

こちらの天使は現在MyHouseのリビングで上から僕たち夫婦漫才を暖かく見守っておりますThank Youぅ!!


series Eye8
This one Somewhat like Sachi too. www

I like the close-up of your face and the way you are staring at me.
This one Somewhat like Sachi too. www

I also like the glittery lame in the eye area!

Hiro san sees the artwork and me on top of each other. I am glad!!!
I will age, but the artwork will not age.
So you can enjoy it forever!
Let's continue to enjoy our art life together!

Your desire
Verry cute!

Very cute yet sexy.
I bought it at first sight!
Somewhat like Sachi.www

A real kiss of lipstick would be nice!

Hiro san Thanks for taking the time to write a review!
Do you look like me? Then I might be an angel.
Art work with lipstick is rare! Love you a lot!!!

Owner's Instagram: @gobubu_jomodori



Excellent quality work!

I had never purchased an original painting before and fell in love with it for the first time.

I am really glad I got it.

She will be a creator who will go out into the world from here.

OH!!! mick san Thank you so much for writing this wonderful review. Your support is helping me to spread my wings to the world. I am so glad you like my work. Let's keep enjoying the world of expression!

Beutiful painting

I first met this painting in Sachi's solo exhibition, where she took time to explain to me the story behind this eye catching character.
This painting is one of my favorite. The character in this picture is glancing right at you, while showing her dissatisfaction against the world. The vivid color of her hair and clothing matches the character well. The beutiful skin tone adds up to this. Over all it is a wellming experience having this beutiful art on the wall.

Oh!!! My owner Len, thank you so much for posting your wonderful review and photos.
I will never forget talking about art with you at my solo exhibition.
I promise to take you into a new world, even more powerful than before.

Takeshi Kamogawa
Very beautiful artwork drawn by soft and delicate brushwork

The model is a famous actress, but the artist draw the woman's inner beauty.
I have the original painting drawn by not only colours but sparkly cosmetic and gold dust.
In the work, I can feel the overwhelming presence that is not in the NFT.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review, my art owner Kamogawa.
You always try to reveal the hidden messages in my artwork.
I am amazed and encouraged by your attempts.
Keep enjoying your art life with me!

series Eye9
So beautiful!

I like the image on the internet, but the real art work is more beautiful. I finally framed it. Now it's on my desk. When framed, the work stands out even more! Thank you for this time!

Thanks so much lapinlapin! I am so glad you graced my artwork with your desk!!
I hope you continue to enjoy your art life with me!

Owner's Twitter: @lupin9221
Owner's ENS: yuunosshi.eth
She is full of hope.

I fell in love at first sight with her pursuit of beauty. It was the first work that got me interested in serious painting.
(I have the original on display in my home.)

Yuunosshi San thanks so much for taking the time to write a review!
I was very surprised that you wrote review before anyone else. I am proud to have you as my art owner. I hope you will continue to enjoy art life with me!