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You and me

You and me

Every day is very boring.
The material world is boring.
I wish it would all disappear.
I want to disappear from the human world.

Size: Unframed :297×210mm
Year: 2021
Materials: paper,watercolor,watercolor pencil,nail polish

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Customer Reviews

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T. Kamogawa
The beginning artwork to challenge the eternal theme of philosophy "Soul"

What is the existence?
What is the soul?
Same time, different world. Something draws "you and me" near themselves.

One existence has just only one soul?
One colonia has some souls?
The fragment separated from a existence is totally different existence from the origin?

Series artwork is not a one with a same theme. The existence is completed only after collecting some of them.

Thank you so much for doing this review, KAMOGAWA!!!
I am touched by your deep insight into the message I have included.
The mysterious existence of 'soul' I always think about. It certainly exists. It surely connects me to you and the world.

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